As many may know (and many may not) we are launching a completely NEW website. On our current site we are limited to the features we can offer and our cart is not very versatile. That is all about to change. We have been working very hard for the last 6 months to be able to offer customers more deals, products, easier access and increased customer service support. A few of the new options/features we are offering are:

** Customer Log-ins (YES, customer log-ins) - customers will have their own profile that will store their information, birthday, shipping/mailing address, past and pending orders and profile discount (if applicable)

** Real-time Shipping - real time processing, shipped and delivered updates on the user profile by order

** Shopping cart coupons and discount codes (finally we have coupon abilities)

** Facebook intergratin - log in to our site with you Facebook ID

** Customer applied discounts - We now have the ability to add discounts to certain customer's profiles ie. VIP customers, MUA's, Wholesalers, etc. *More information will be coming soon on how to apply those discounts to your account

** Reward point program - Customers can accumulate points when making a purchase that can be used towards future purchases

** Affiliate program - Qualifying customers will be able to earn $$ for successfully referring other customers * more information coming soon

** And much much much more!!!

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