Get Up To 250 FREE Pretty Points

After launching our new site we would like to reward our new and current customers by running a promotion. We have a new Spectrum Reward Pretty Point program. You can earn points for every dollar you spend with Spectrum Cosmetics and use those points toward your future purchases. It's simple. Earn Spectrum Pretty Points for just loving Spectrum.

Please read careful because the options have changed!

  • Get 50 points when you write a review for any of the products on Sp3ctrum.com (Reviews must be on a product(s) that you have tested,  purchased or have been gifted. Reviews must be published to qualify for the points. Reviews like "My favorite" or "This is great" will not be acceptable for the points but they will be appreciated. Limited 3 reviews for 50 points each)

  • Get 25 points for Following Our Instagram @AccidentalDiva AND @Sp3ctrumDotCom (both Instagram accounts must be followed to qualify for the points)

  • Get 25 points for Joining Our Mailing List

Join Our Email List

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You MUST email us with all the information that is needed to verify your points. i.e. your email address, Twitter account, Instagram account, etc. Once we verify the information you have provided us, we will add the points to your member account. Yes... its that easy!

**Due to some dishonest activity, points will not be eligible to be used until after the first order on our new site. Please note that unfollowing, unfriending, un"liking" etc will result in the removal of points earned or result in a negative Pretty Point balance. You must have a free Spectrum Cosmetics member account to receive points.



As many may know (and many may not) we are launching a completely NEW website. On our current site we are limited to the features we can offer and our cart is not very versatile. That is all about to change. We have been working very hard for the last 6 months to be able to offer customers more deals, products, easier access and increased customer service support. A few of the new options/features we are offering are:

** Customer Log-ins (YES, customer log-ins) - customers will have their own profile that will store their information, birthday, shipping/mailing address, past and pending orders and profile discount (if applicable)

** Real-time Shipping - real time processing, shipped and delivered updates on the user profile by order

** Shopping cart coupons and discount codes (finally we have coupon abilities)

** Facebook intergratin - log in to our site with you Facebook ID

** Customer applied discounts - We now have the ability to add discounts to certain customer's profiles ie. VIP customers, MUA's, Wholesalers, etc. *More information will be coming soon on how to apply those discounts to your account

** Reward point program - Customers can accumulate points when making a purchase that can be used towards future purchases

** Affiliate program - Qualifying customers will be able to earn $$ for successfully referring other customers * more information coming soon

** And much much much more!!!


Sorry, The Review Program has ended.

I have received several emails, DMs and messages on our website questions why I chosen to end the Review Program.

There are several reasons why I finally decided to end this option for reviewers. And since I have gotten so many inquiries I decided to answer publicly.

As you know, Spectrum Cosmetics is a small business working itself up to become larger in the industry. We just do not have the resources to send out products that are not used for the legally agreed purpose.

The main reason that I decided to end the review programs is that several applicants have not followed through with the process. I am currently in the middle of taking 3 "gurus" to court over $1600 in total of retail cosmetics that we sent to them believing they were legit MUAs. And there are so many more than that, that I've taken as a lose. I trusted, in the attempt to build a working business relationship with them and all they did was take advantage of our company and plainly committed fraud.

I've also noticed that a lot, definitely not all, but of some of these YouTube gurus, Makeup Up Bloggers, etc have a sense of entitlement. They feel that small makeup cosmetics should just send them free products because we are some business and "need their help." I see this extremely disrespectful and ungrateful. I'm sorry to tell you, we don't necessarily need you. And it saddens me that I don't get the same respect for my hard work as a company that you can go to Ulta or Sephora and buy at a counter. And many don't know this but I was a Professional Makeup Artist 7 years because I started Spectrum, and I know quite well that with my experience and license there are VERY few leading industry cosmetic companies that I can send an email to asking to "Try" their products and they just send me products for free. Sorry, it just doesn't happen. The most you will get is referred to a store where you can "try" products on store display. You won't be sent anything and will not able to review those products in the comfort of your own home AND be able to keep products after the review is over.. which helps build their business as a MUA...

And some people don't take into consideration the hard work, research and physical labor it takes to run a small business alone or with only a few workers. They nitpick, berate, and even steal from small businesses any time they can, just because they are small businesses. The honestly ruin it for everyone. Its almost like they want to destroy your work just because you're not a large company yet. I have NEVER seen any of the reviews that I speak of take so negatively about products they HAD to purchase themselves. We get treated like second rate and I refuse to continue that to happen. I feel that it should be an equal exchange but unfortunately its not, and I can and will no longer hold the financial burden.

**** I do want to add that there are SEVERAL YouTube Gurus, Reviews, Magazines, Bloggers, etc that I absolutely love and have a great working relationship with. Honest, honorable, and business ethnical individuals that I am glad that I have met and worked with. I will NOT let this set back stop Spectrum Cosmetics from continuing to work with those companies and individuals. You know who you are and we TRULY appreciate you. ****


We have UPDATED our packaging

We have receieved several emails, tweets and surverys about the size of our pigment jars and we hear you! We have changed the sizes of our pigment jars and our sifter. A lot of you were concerned with spilling product and not getting enough product to really have fun with, without having to make another order.

Now you get more product for a better price. I got my new shipment of jars and I took a quick picture for you guys.

Left: (Previous packaging) 5 gram jar with 1 gram of product $8.99. Right: *NEW* packaging 25 gram jar with 8.5 grams of product ONLY $10.00.

*NEW* Rotating Sifter to prevent accidentally spilling of product

Our Pigments will still coming sealed and labeled upon delivery. I hope you are as excited about the new change as I am!!