We have UPDATED our packaging

We have receieved several emails, tweets and surverys about the size of our pigment jars and we hear you! We have changed the sizes of our pigment jars and our sifter. A lot of you were concerned with spilling product and not getting enough product to really have fun with, without having to make another order.

Now you get more product for a better price. I got my new shipment of jars and I took a quick picture for you guys.

Left: (Previous packaging) 5 gram jar with 1 gram of product $8.99. Right: *NEW* packaging 25 gram jar with 8.5 grams of product ONLY $10.00.

*NEW* Rotating Sifter to prevent accidentally spilling of product

Our Pigments will still coming sealed and labeled upon delivery. I hope you are as excited about the new change as I am!!

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