Why we changed our Sponsorship requirements

I feel a little bad that I have to be so blunt but this is getting out of hand..

We have reached out and sponsored a lot of 'Gurus,' Bloggers, Makeup artists and even photographers... out of the 42 people that we have sponsored (bartered with) over the last year, only 12 have actually did what they were supposed to do. :-/ I have sent about over $2,590 in product for promotion with sponsorees and honestly... I'm over it... I'm tired of people scamming, lying and just plainly talking advantage of our program.

1. We will no longer be sponsoring or bartering with an individuals that have not been customers in the past. If you wouldn't spend your own money on your products, how could you advise others to try and buy it?

2. Anyone we do choose to enter a bartering agreement with (product for advertisement) will be required to pay a discounted price and/or shipping

3. If people do not follow up with the written or verbal agreement (ie. review, giveaway, look, tutorial, company write up, etc.) they will be charged full retail price for the product that was sent to them, will receive a demand letter from our newly hired lawyers and if necessary reported to Internet Crime Complaint Center  for fraud. (and if you didnt know... they don't play around when it comes to scams and fraud)

This may seem extreme to some that are reading it but honestly... I just don't care.... I am running business and am taking it upon myself to reach out to others that work in the beauty industry to work together and I am the one that gets left holding the bill... I have a company that I am trying to support awareness for great cause (Autism) and more money has been lost on dishonest people and scams. We just can't do it anymore.


  1. Girl, it's not too "strict" with sponsoring them. They're getting free products! They need to at least respect the company, contract & you for sponsoring them! It's your company, run it how YOU want :]

  2. it doesn't seem strict to me at all, sounds like business-to-business dealings. nothing more nothing less. I'd like to take a look at your sponsorship regulations and contract. I'm a trained artist operating out of the Bay Area with over 100 faces in my portfolio. I do this for a living; I'm not a YouTube Guru or an online beauty queen, I'm professional from every dimension with a brick and mortar studio.