We have received A LOT of requests for a more opaque lip color that can be mixed and/or worn under other lip colors. So I decided to try a few formulas. I want something that would not be too runny and that wouldn't feather. Not too oily and not too sticky. Just enough too glide over your lip. So this is what I came up with.

After posting the pics up we received over a hundred inquires for swatches in the first hour. I took a few of the ones I had made for myself and ran and did a quick swatch of those

Bottom left to top: Strawberry; Blood Orange; Kumquat; Gooseberry. Bottom right to top: Mango; Fig; Blueberry; HoneyBerry.

About four days later, we recieved and order for colors I hadn't swatched so I made a few for me and I swatched those as well.

Left to right: Apricot; Banana; *NEW* Guava; Pear

... Needless to say we sold out 300 in two weeks. Unfortunately when I went back to the manufacture to purchases more lip gloss tubes the ones that they sold us originally we now discounted (yea like they didn't know that was going to happen when I ordered them)

I finally found a company that could make them for me but in a different design. So now we have new packaging for the Ambrosia Lip Colors. There isn't a big difference. The new tube is rounded at the bottom and holds more 2 ml of color but I decided not to change the prices (yay)

I took this picture about 1 minute ago... its an iphone picture with low lighting so deal with it. I just wanted to show the new packaging :)

**This post may be edited in the future to add more information**

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