It's Not Easy Being Green




Don't really know why but... My room is green, my bathrooms are green, I just LOVE Green!

SO... its obviously that I will love ST. PATRICKS'S DAY

I wanted to do something special because I have been in love with this color since I was a little girl.. I was never a pink lover like normal little girls I wanted GREEN

So I picked a few swatches from my Pantone program and I started designing colors. I wanted to make colors that can be worn together but that would also be in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day


I may change the name.. who knows.. but Trinity is a very emerald green with large flecks of 24 K gold mica within it.

Pitcher-O-Beer is a very very bright gold. I wanted to make a mix between Irish Gold and fresh beer so this is what I got

Irish Rainbow is a soft mint green with a frost and green reflecting rainbow glitter. I used actually eye safe glitter in this color instead of mica

Shamrockin' is a moss like green. Has a greenish-yellow iridescence that blends very well with Trinity.

I also made two new lip liqueur shades in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day AND a new Lip Glaze.. but you'll have to wait until I have time to take better pictures of those. I customized and order 4 new green and gold eye safe Luster! glitters BUT they were delayed by weather so who knows when they will arrive :eye roll:

**This post may be edited in the future to add more information**

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