Wet & Set Mixing Medium!

Let me say first off.. I'm HORRIBLE at using primers... I always feel like they are dulling my color with the the color of the primer and clear or no color primers don't ever do the job... maybe I'm wrong... whatever (lol)

My concerns when designing:
Sanitation - I wanted to make a mixing medium that can be used in the most sterile way possible. No pouring in caps or spilling.
Staying power - make a primer that will help eyeshadows, pigments, and even glitters stay longer
Preservation - The mixing medium is water based and that can cause bacteria to grow within and cause the product to go back within two months or so without the right preservatives.

I also wanted to design a water based mixing medium that can be as natural as possible. So I researched for a few weeks and I tried a few formulas. Finally I decided on a great formula and started to test it.

The final formula contents:

Distilled Water

Glycerol {Glycerin} - Effective humectant & moisturizer that attracts water to the intercellular space of the skin

Tocopheryl Acetate {Vitamin E} - potent antioxidant, increases SPF, moisturizing & antiaging effect (improves skin surface relief), enzyme activity (faster wound healing), soothing & anti-inflammatory properties & promotes epithelisation.

Anyhemis nobilis {Chamomile} - antiseptic, antibiotic, disinfectant, bactericidal & vermifuge

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice - Potent moisturizer, regenerating & healing agent, anti-inflammatory effects & anti-aging effects.

Tetrasodium EDTA - an organic compound used as an preservative

I tried two colors with and without the mixing medium.

Top to Bottom: FAMOUS without Mixing Medium; FAMOUS with Mixing Medium; HI DEF without Mixing Medium & HI DEF with Mixing Medium


I did a 8 hour test on my hand and I took a few pictures. I figured a hand test was better than full makeup. If it could withstand being on my hand while I'm rubbing against things and holding hands with my kids from time to time it would do AWESOME on eyes that have less contact.

I chose to use the Spectrum Cosmetics pigment FAMOUS because its a larger particle pigment AND metallic. I did not use any primer or anything on my fans. They were freshly washed with no lotion. You will notice some redness on my hand. I dyed it with coloring while making Ambrosia.

I started at 11:30am before I left the house to run errands.
11:30am - Left side FAMOUS with Mixing Medium; Right side FAMOUS without Mixing Medium

2:17pm - Left side FAMOUS with Mixing Medium; Right side FAMOUS without Mixing Medium
I went to several stores and even put groceries in the car and as you can see both sides are still sticking very well.

5:45pm - Left side FAMOUS with Mixing Medium; Right side FAMOUS without Mixing Medium
I took this in the car on the way home. As you can see the FAMOUS pigment without the Mixing Medium has rubbed off a little but is still sticking to my bare hand pretty well.

8:29pm - Left side FAMOUS with Mixing Medium; Right side FAMOUS without Mixing Medium
I took this right after I washed the dishes.. I honestly forgot I was doing the test by then. As you can see the FAMOUS without is completely gone but the the FAMOUS pigment with the Mixing Medium still there a little even after being in and out of water.

I was very happy with this test, and surprised with the results. I picked aluminum spray bottles so that the mixing medium can be sprayed directly on the your brushes. Its cleaner and it prevents the waste of product. We will start production of the Wet & Set Mixing Medium and will have available on the site very soon.

The Wet & Set Mixing Medium next to the Blue Eyed Girl Groupie


  1. Hi there, i just wanted to know if using this formula makes the medium last longer than 2 weeks as the other home-made mixing mediums.

  2. I created this formula in my home lab so its a little bit more than a home-made kind of mixture. We formulated this mixture with a organic preservative that assists in fighting bacteria and contamination. This formula lasts up to one year after opening