St. Patrick's Look

I was bored and wanted to play in some makeup so I thought why not play in the St. Patrick's Day colors.

Please excuse the pictures... I can't find my camera battery charger so all I can do I take pictures with my iPhone until I get a new one. I'm going to try to get one from Best Buy this week.

I used the following for this look:

Eye Brow:
Dark Brown EyeBrow Fix

Under Brow:
Irish Rainbow
Brow bone to Crease:

Cut Crease:
Moss {Ulta Waterproof eyeliner}

Lower Lid:
Fort Knox Me

Inner corner:
Irish Rainbow

Lower Lid Waterline:
Moss {Ulta Waterproof eyeliner}
Grasshoppa Microfine Luster! Glitter

Lashes: Black eyeliner in lash line
Black Lash Blash Length {Covergirl}

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